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[ ♪ ] Swing a little more next to me.

[ ♫ ] Get yourself together, girl.

₪ Sennyo Auvriel ₪
31 March 1982
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& It's About Me  

Better known as the rare and elusive Sennyo on LJ this fine specimen of Fredicus Night-Owlis is rarely seen outside or during the day being a mostly nocturnal creature. The Fred is an endangered creature and thus must be handled with care (or at least not killed). Sightings of this creature are known to cause fits of laughter or sometimes even just bouts of confusion. For dietary needs the Fred eats mostly meat with sparse sprinklings of vegetation in between. If neither meat nor vegetable matter are to be found the creature will also gladly hunt down a hapless grazing bowl of Ramen. This particular Fred is twenty-five years old. Her astrology signs are Dog (Eastern) and Aries (Western). For entertainment and relaxation the creature enjoys watching Japanese Animation and playing a strange almost ritualistic game called AD&D. The Fred seems to have gathered a sizeable horde of assorted dice...

& Fred-Type Hobbies  

& READING: Reading is a wonderful diversion. It keeps the Fred from gnawing upon furniture. This specimen enjoys fantasy, scifi, horror and a couple of other fiction genre. Very rarely will the Fred stray into other unrelated genres. Sometimes this Fred will read mangas or graphic novels in general (or comic books; whatever you want to call them).

& WEB & GRAPHIC DESIGN: The Fred will spend many hours fiddling with HTML or CSS codes or also playing around in Photoshop. She is in no way schooled but definitely self-taught. Currently she doesn't do anything with her 'skills' in the professional world.

& WRITING: Though unpublished she does write. Like she is writing now even if she is referring to herself in third-person just to be creepy or just strange. Either way the Fred does write and rarely ever finishes any story she starts. It is a bad habit she hopes to grow out of.

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